The reason for establishing this blog has a funny story

I bought my TM5® in 2018 and the reason for this was a friend living in Hanover. Every time I visited her she prepared fantastic and delicious fingerfood, cakes, etc. During all my visits I was so impressed by her and what she prepared that I bought myself a present after having moved into a new apartment.

Pros to buy a Thermomix® are simple:

- If baking is your passion, you need to get one (same if you like cooking)
- If you want to try out new recipes, go for it
- If you want to save time and enjoy baking/cooking in the kitchen, you need one

As soon as I got my Thermomix®, my entire family (meaning my mum, my three siblings, my aunt and my cousins) bought it. We felt in love with the Thermomix® that we even created a WhatsApp group named after it - we exchange recipes and force each other to try out new things.

About us

Who is behind bb mix?

I am Bartuğ, one of the faces behind bb-mix. I am a software-developer and spending life with my two lovely budgies. Baking is my passion!

And here you go – that was the idea of creating a blog

If you ask about our name because I am not alone, I can tell you the following: one of my sisters, named Banu (she is a lawyer in real life) is an absolute sport junkie. As you can assume Banu is mainly responsible for the healthy stuff. As her name also begins with a “b”, we ended up as "bb-mix".

Our recipes are also available in German and Turkish.

Hope you enjoy our recipes and we welcome any ideas – so please feel free to contact us.

Banu & Bartuğ